Así son los auxiliares de conversación de Zola Villafranca

Desde principios de curso se han incorporado, un año más, a las clases del Colegio Zola Villafranca de Infantil, Primaria y Secundaria, ocho auxiliares de conversación que provienen de diferentes países. Para poder conocerlos un poco más, han decidido presentarse mediante una pequeña reseña que ellos mismo han llevado a cabo:


Fila de atrás: Cian Hackett Cantabrana, Sarah Sculnick, Alissa Le Voir y Kelly Matzke. Fila de delante: Rochelle Peterson, Lauren Grimes, Jackie Koester y Tess Chardiet.

My name is Cian and I’m from Greystones, a small town in County Wicklow, located 20 km south of Dublin. This is my 5th year in Spain.  My mother is originally Spanish so I moved over to see more of my family and get to know more about Spanish culture. I have lived in Valladolid, Huesca and Pontevedra but I decided to move to Madrid to know more about the Spanish capital and big city life!  I really love the friendly environment at Zola.

My name is Sarah, and I am from Chicago, Illinois in the USA. This is my second year in Spain, and my second year working at Colegio Zola Villafranca. I originally moved to Madrid because I love living in new places and traveling, and I wanted to perfect my Spanish. I stayed because I loved the students and teachers at Zola and wanted to keep working in this environment!

Hi!  I´m Alissa and I am from Minnesota, USA. I moved to Madrid almost 5 years ago to travel and spend time in Spanish culture and I loved it so much I still haven’t left!  This is my second year teaching at Zola and I enjoy my time with all the students so much. I hope that this year will be as good as last year and that we can all continue growing together every day!

Hello! I´m Kelly! I am from New Mexico, USA. This is my second year in Spain and the second year at this school. I originally moved to Spain because it was a chance to live in and experience another culture different than my own. I have really enjoyed working at Zola, the teachers and staff have been welcoming and helpful and I get to see and the students grow as develop as English speakers.

Hi! I am Rochelle and I grew up in California, USA.  This will be my third year in Spain and my third year at Zola.  I studied history at university, in the U.S. and in the U.K., and I love travelling and discovering new places and people.  I moved to Spain to explore the history and culture (and to learn a little Spanish!). I have enjoyed teaching here at Zola and I want to continue to improve as a teacher and I hope that my students feel that they are better English speakers after my classes.

Hello I am Lauren! I´m originally from St. Louis, Missouri in the US. This will be my fourth year in Madrid. I moved to Spain after finishing college because I love the country and the language. This is my first year at Zola and I am excited because the staff seems very supportive and helpful.

Hello all!  I am Jackie from Kansas, USA.  I moved to Madrid three years ago to pursue my love of traveling and Spanish culture. I love the opportunity to share my own culture and experience with my students at Zola.

Hi!  I’m Tess, I’m from Connecticut, USA.  This is my fourth year in Spain and my second year teaching at Colegio Zola Villafranca. I studied Spanish (language, literature, culture) at university, and moved to Madrid to continue my studies in an immersive environment, and also to try out teaching! I have really enjoyed my time at Zola, and feel that I am learning every day about how to be a better teacher and a better person.